The Ohio League was an informal association of American football clubs active between 1903 and 1919. As the name implied, its teams were based in Ohio, and is the direct predecessor to the National Football League of today.

Though a champion was declared by the group throughout its existence, a formal league was not founded until 1920, when several Ohio League teams added clubs from Upstate New York and Chicagoland to form the American Professional Football Association. In 1922 the APFA became the National Football League.

East Division
Team City stadium joined
Youngstown Patricans
West Division
Team City stadium joined


Ironton Tanks (consolidation of Irish Town Rags and the Lombards)

Cincinnati Celts

Akron Pros

Columbus Panhandles

Toledo Maroons

Cleveland Tigers

Cleveland Panthers

Youngstown Patricians

Zanesville Mark Greys

Dayton Triangles

Oorang Indians

Elyria Athletics

Shelby Blues

Franklin Athletic Club of Cleveland

Columbus Jungle Imps