Suburban Colored League 1934-1940

Texas Colored League 1916-1917

Texas Colored League 1921-1923

Texas Negro League 1924-1928

Texas Negro League 1930

Texas Negro League 1946

Texas-Oklahoma Negro League 1929

Texas-Oklahoma-Louisiana Negro League 1929-1930

Tri-County League 1936

Tri-State League 1932-1935

Union League 1926

Virginia-Carolina League 1940

Western Carolina Negro Semi-pro League 1946

West Coast Florida Negro League 1950’s-1960’s

West Coast Negro League 1953

Western Colored League 1920-1922

Western Negro League 1915-1919

Western Negro League 1928

Western Negro League 1937

West Texas Colored League late 1950’s and early 1960’s

West Virginia Negro League 1938

York Hotel League 1938

League Year(s) in Existence

Afro League (Baltimore, MD) 1928

Alabama Colored League 1948

Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas Negro League 1951

Arkansas Negro League 1915-1917

Atlantic City Independent Baseball League 1935

Baltimore City League 1927

Baltimore Public Athletic League 1925

Baltimore Twilight League 1925

Berkley Colored Baseball League 1928-1934

Birmingham Industrial League 1920’s through 1960’s

Bi-State Baseball League 1934-1935

Blue Ridge Colored League 1921

Boston Twilight League 1925

California State Negro Baseball League 1947

Carolina Colored League 1914

Carolina Negro Semi-pro League 1946

Colorado-Texas-Oklahoma Baseball League 1919

Colored Departmental Baseball League 1912

Colored Departmental Baseball League 1922-1923

Colored League of Berkley (CA) 1934

Colored National Baseball League 1914

Colored Ohio League 1908

Colored Texas League 1915-1916

Colored Western League 1922

Delaware County Colored League 1935-1936

Departmental League (Washington, D.C.) 1925

Departmental League (Washington, D.C.) 1931

Departmental League (Washington, D.C.) 1937

Eastern Colored League 1907

Eastern Negro League 1915-1919

Eastern Negro League 1954-1955

Eastern Seaboard Colored League 1937

Eastern Shore Colored League 1925

East Texas Colored League 1946

East Texas Negro League 1934

Florida Hotel League (Coconut League) 1903 through 1920’s

Florida State Negro League 1940’s-1950’s

Florida Winter Colored League 1930

Greater Boston Colored League 1903

Gulf Coast Negro League 1950’s-1970’s

Independent Colored League 1931

International Colored League 1936

International League (PA) 1934

Interstate League 1926

Interstate League 1940

Interurban League 1931-1934

Interurban Twilight League 1929

Lone Star Colored League 1897

Milwaukee Urban Colored League 1930-1932

Missouri Negro Semi-pro League 1938

National Colored Baseball League 1887

Negro American Association 1939

Negro Indoor Baseball League 1931

Negro International League 1939

Negro Major American and National League 1964

Negro National Baseball Association 1957-1959

Negro National Baseball League 1911

New Eastern Colored League 1939

New Jersey Colored League 1911

North Carolina Negro League 1946-1948

Northern Kentucky and Ohio Negro Semi-pro League 1936

Ohio Colored League 1911

Ohio State Colored League 1907

Pennsylvania and Delaware League 1935

Penn-Jersey League 1927

Seaboard League 1937

South Texas Negro League 1945-1978

South Atlantic Semi-pro Baseball League 1937

Southern Athletic Association 1935-1936

Southern Colored Athletic Association 1934

Southern Colored Association 1934

Southern League of Colored Base Ballists 1886

Southern Negro League 1931

Southern Negro League 1946

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