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Hamilton 205th Battalion was a Canadian football-rugby union team the team captain was George (Snooze) Ireland. George joined up with the 205th (Tiger Battalion) early 1916 and when it was disbanded went to the 102nd Battalion of the Canadian Army. He was wounded in April of 1918 and returned from the front. He with others assembled a team for 1919 The Hamilton Tigers, there was not a Grey Cup Game in 1919, some say because of a dispute in the west while others say because of the war. George had been a member of the 1915 Grey Cup Champion Hamilton Tigers. The 205th was made of several members of the Hamilton Tiger Football Team and thier supporters. Several men of the 205th Battalions recieved thier WW1 medals from Edward Prince of Wales at the H.A.A.A Grounds in October 1919 before a Hamilton Tiger Game in front of several supporters of the team. Canadian Football Rugby was played in England during WW1, also the Canadian players played against the Australians, British, South Africans, New Zealanders.

George (Snooze) Ireland was the Grandfather of Patrick (Pat) Quinn, former coach of Team Canada 2002 Olympic Gold Canadian Hockey Team.