mThe Federal Amateur Hockey League was a Canadian men's senior-level ice hockey league that played six seasons from 1904 to 1909. The league was a professional league for its last two years and was known as the Federal Hockey League.

Eastern Conference
Division Team Arena City/Area
Canadian Westmount AAA
Morrisburg Combines
Bolton Bruins
Belleville 235th Battalion
Henry Creek Bombers
Toronto HMCS York
Montreal Canadiens (Senior)
Cornwall Royals
Shelton Whalers
Little Falls Ramblers
Westville Senators
West fall Athletic Club
Bellmore Athletic Club
New York Irish-Americans
Philadelphia Flyers (Senior)
Western Conference
Division Team Arena City/Area
Canadian Fisher Branch, MB Wellingtons
Selkirk Fishermen(senior )
Smithsburg RCAF
Winnipeg RCAF Spitfires
Dansburg Phenoms
White Creek 251th Battalion
Dominion City, MB Mercurys
American Chippewa Falls Rockets
Gipp Falls