Alpha Physical Culture Club, more popularly known as the Alpha Big Five, was an amateur basketball team in the early Twentieth Century. The team won the designation Colored Basketball World's Champions in 1913.

The basketball team was only one of the sports teams fielded by the Alpha Physical Culture Club, which was formed in 1904 and was the first all-black athletic club in the United States. The founders were Jamaican immigrants, but American-born blacks were free to apply for membership along with West Indians. The club's membership drew largely from New York's middle-class and upper-class African Americans. They were original members of the Metropolitan Basketball Association, formed in 1903.

In 1907 they joined other black clubs to form the Olympian Athletic League, which included rivals St. Christopher Club of Harlem and the Smart Set Athletic Club of Brooklyn.

The Alphas played their home games at Harlem's renowned Manhattan Casino. the Alphas were consistently one of the best all-black basketball teams in the country. Their best season was 1912-13, when they were named Colored Basketball World's Champions.

The club sponsored a women's team, the New York Girls, one of the first all-black women's teams anywhere. The Girls were managed and coached by Conrad Norman.