'Albany A's
Colonie, New York

Team Logo


Cap Insignia

  • Double-A (1983)
Minor league affiliations
Major league affiliations
  • Albany-Colonie Yankees (1985-1994)
  • Albany-Colonie A's (1984)
  • Albany A's (1983)
Minor league titles
League titles 1989, 1990

The Albany A's are a defunct minor league baseball team. They played in the Eastern League at Heritage Park in Colonie, New York. They were affiliated with the Oakland A's. Their announcer that year was Phil Pivnick.

In 1983, the Oakland A's moved their AA affiliate, the West Haven A's, to Albany, New York, and renamed them the Albany A's. In 1984, the team was renamed again, becoming the Albany-Colonie A's. In 1985, the team became an affiliate of the New York Yankees, and was again renamed, this time to the Albany-Colonie Yankees, which they remained until 1994.

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