Joliet JackHammers

Founded in 2002 Joliet, Illinois


Team Logo


Cap Insignia

League affiliations
  • Joliet JackHammers (2002-present)
Team Colors
  • navy blue, columbia blue, orange, white
  • Silver Cross Field
  • League titles: 0
  • Division titles: 1 (2002)
Owner(s)/Operated By:
General Manager: Jamie Toole
Manager: Chad Parker
Media: Joliet Herald News

The Joliet JackHammers are a professional baseball team based in Joliet, Illinois, in the United States. The JackHammers are a member of the Northern League, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball. From the 2002 season to the present, the JackHammers have played their home games at Silver Cross Field.

Their first season was the 2002 season. Their first playoff appearance came in that season.

The 2008 Jackhammers were managed by one time Arizona Diamondback managerial candidate Wally Backman. The primary radio announcer was Jon Versteeg.

The Jackhammers, in response to extremely low attendance in 2009, had a total makeover to start the 2010 season. Everything, from the roster and management, all the way down to the uniforms, was re-done. Their offseason advertising campaign was also very aggressive, and included everything from newspaper ads to billboards. The Jackhammers made the playoffs for the first time in 8 years, making the season a success performance-wise. They still lagged in attendance, averaging about 3,500 fans a game, 4th in the league.

Founded: 2002
Playoff appearances: 2002, 2010
Divisional titles won: 2002
League Championships won: None
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